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The 25th November 2021, will forever be a known as day of European shame. A day when 27 people drowned in the freezing cold waters of the Channel seeking to get to Britain. A day feared but expected by those who warned of crisis. It was also day President Macron’s blood stained hands were shown to be all over a policy that did little to stem the flow of illegal migrants across the Channel or deter the evil profiteering of a determined, well funded, skilful and embedded people trafficking business.

As the political fallout from the deaths raged and anger grew at his failures even his allies, like the Mayor of Calais, blasted the President’s government for failing to tackle mafia style “smuggling gangs”.

In such tragic circumstances President Macron sought to take the moral high ground by claiming that “he will not let the Channel become a cemetery”. He promised a crisis meeting with French Prime Minister Jean Castex where solutions and answers to this tragedy would be provided. Immediately, show arrests were made

The only crisis that President Macron is concerned about is the crisis in his polling following a visible failure of his immigration policies. A policy seized upon by his opponents like Marie Le Pen or the rising challenger Eric Zemmour and the outpouring of faux grief of the elitist Parisian left.

As the bodies floated away int the Atlantic so did the moral superiority of the French body politic. Their wilful inaction caused these deaths. Their determination to push migrants to Britain caused this. Their enmity and hatred of a British Brexit caused this. Their arrogance, disdain, concept haughtiness and pomposity caused this.
The blood of the innocents is on the tongues of their leaders. It rolls down the Champs Elysees like a turgid river of deceit and fills the echo chambers of a Brussels. They who gave comfort and succour masses of lobbyists and agent provocateurs who rubbished those seeking to stop the migrants from coming over and warned of the power of the gangsters.

The blood of the innocents is steeped into the souls of a European elite who champion appeasement with people traffickers and wave a white flag to their profit seeking from flooding the borders of Europe with the mass of desperate, determined and financially able of the poorest nations on earth.

Still the blood of the innocents doesn’t just lie in the halls and chambers of Europe. It is on the fingers of every civil servant, politician, guided lobbyist, church advocate who spend their days expanding their immigration industry empires and personal coffers.

For whilst Boris Johnson maybe “shocked, appalled and saddened” and vows to continue efforts to seek out ways of stopping the boats the immigration industry advocates obstruct, delay and denounce efforts to prevent mass illegal immigration into this country.

They campaign to overturn legislation that could prevent it. They obstruct Home Secretary’s trying to implement tough legislation. They name call and brand opponents maliciously. They stop flights of failed applicants from leaving.

They too should hang their heads in shame. For their own arrogance of moral superiority is neither moral or superior. It is a lesson in self interest, protectionism and defection that leads to further suffering and pain. It offers false hope and burdens society.

For it is never their personal money spent supporting the huge costs to the state of rescuing and housing those crossing. Nor their homes or streets filled with the consequences of people trafficking migration. Their children are not those who suffer the consequences of terrorist actions or their children floating in the Atlantic because they said the door is open to all.

In Shakespeare’s play Macbeth tortured from killing his friend Duncan with a knife went to wife and said

“Will all great Neptunes ocean wash away this blood clean from my hand”

Tomorrow morning the Neptunes great Atlantic will wash away the blood of those who fell for the traffickers con, but the day after our leaders will wash their hands clean and begin a new day of doing nothing to stop the flows.


This article was first published by The Centre for Migration & Economic Prosperity commentary and on LIBERTATIO freedom website

Steven Woolfe

Steven Woolfe

Political Commentator, Writer, Presenter & Campaigner for Liberty, Democracy and Freedom. Championed Brexit & an Independent Britain, Former Member of the EU Parliament for North West England.

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