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It’s happened again. Another Islamic terrorist sought to murder innocent people and desecrate life on a national day of importance, Remembrance Sunday.  Headlines will read “Islamist bomber strikes hospital”.  Just as they should have read “Islamist knifeman kills Conservative MP.” When a Somalian killed David Amess a  few short weeks ago. They should read  UK’s asylum system is pointless.

What is clear is that the threat of Islamic terrorism is never far from our lives and that anybody can be a victim of it. The roster of attacks and dead is increasing. Manchester Arena, London bombings, Westminster stabbings, now Essex and Liverpool.

What is also clear is that the Government has been warned that more attacks would come and that those attacks would come from those who have crossed our borders illegally and are seeking Asylum. Instead of taking us seriously those warning have been met by ridicule and the usual cries of Xenophobia and islamaphobia.

Emad Al Swealmeen, the perpetrator of the Liverpool bombing was exactly, one of those men we warned about. One of the 27,000  Syrians who claimed asylum seeker or granted resettlement under government programmes or came illegally from the back of a lorry from France.

How he got into the country we have not been told nor are we likely as this will show the complete abject failure of the protection of our borders policy. It is also clear that the asylum system is not fit for purpose and that we fail to remove those who fail it. Al Swealmeen  unbelievably failed to pass the loose and easy asylum application process that grants 55% of all applicants a right to remain first time round and a further 43% on appeal.

Yet despite failing one of the easiest asylum process in Europe he wasn’t removed. This is down to the failure of government to exercise its authority and the merry go round appeals process that allows applicants to remain for years.

Whilst public money is heaped upon law firms and non-governmental charity organisations that suck the teat of the bloated pro immigration industry precious little is done to remove those that fail. In 2021 no Channel migrant has been removed yet the government is estimated to spend £40,000 per applicant in the first year.

Whilst the appeals process is simply a money making game so are the attempts to get around the rules The conversation to Christianity of Swealmeen and other moslem converts is yet another clever move and example of the constant changing tactics of Islamist terrorists. They have learnt that the advanced technics of security services profiling of potential bombers, including the obvious characteristic that the perpetrator believed in Islam, meant that they had to become smarter.

Government has funded multi million pound outreach programmes into the Moslem community like Prevent.  By training Imma’s to spy and spot those in their communities they believe are victims of the ideology they hoped to identify early problem characters.

So it is an easy play to provide a cover for one of their own to become a Christian. Al Swealmeen attended bible classes and services at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral. This firstly enabled the undercover terrorist to hide from obvious profiling. It was successful as we now know that he was not known to MI5 and the governments counter terrorist Prevent programme

It also enabled him to use the naive goodwill of the church and followers to hide. Two elderly Christians believing they were doing God’s work, Malcolm and Elizabeth Hitchcott, not only supported Al Swealmeens conversion but put him up in their home.

No doubt they railed against the xenophobes and racists who warned that. These crossing our borders illegally and claiming asylum included future terrorists.  Now they have to live with the fact they were the gullible marks in a long term terrorist plot.

Yet the Christian conversion was used as a positive factor in his asylum claim. On this occasion it failed and  he makes by indicating that he is becoming one with the country.

Furthermore, very few initially linked this failed  bombing too the murder of David Amees MP by a Somalian man who was also granted a right to remain via another legal opportunity to live in the UK. It seems pretty clear that the timings of both attacks and the targets are linked to a new campaign of sleepers in the UK.

Those sleepers will include those who have crossed our borders by boat in the past two years. They will include some of the 110,000 asylum applicants. It maybe small minority but that is all it took to kill children in Manchester.

It cannot be clearly said enough that once again those who warned this government and those that are soft on controlling our open borders that a terrorist attack from one of those who came here was inevitable. We are not to blame for the deaths and injuries that will flow from lax borders and politicians too weak to implement proper border controls. Yet blame there should be and action must be taken before another mass murder occurs on our shores.


this article was also published on The Centre for Migration & Economic Prosperity and LIBERTATIO


Steven Woolfe

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