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The Ghouls of European dictators are rising again in Europe as the facade of tolerance and decency, that self-professed, progressive leaders of the Western world vacuously stand for, slipped this week when Emmanuel Macron, the President of France said,

“The unvaccinated, I really want to piss them off. And so we going to continue to do so until the end. That’s the strategy”

So the strategy of the leader of one of the most powerful countries in Europe, a member of the security council and a man with a finger on a nuclear button to combat the concerns of those who do not wish to take a vaccine is, to “piss off” those unvaccinated people by making their lives so complicated they would end up getting the COVID Vaccine. 

When I heard this statement it was hard not to treat it as fake news. It is so immeasurable wrong, utterly juvenile and callous that it was hard not too. It was like listening to the whining of spoilt, rich teenagers drunk on cheep plonk in a Parisian park complain about the geek who doesn’t bow down to their superior class breeding. 

Instead it was the adult Cordon Bleu loving, elitist leader of a nation state advocating the same type of teenage abuse to his fellow citizens. In his interview with Le Parisien newspaper used the expression “emmerder”. It is slangy, informal language and is said too mean “to get on their nerves”. Originating from the French word ‘Merde” meaning shit I am in not doubt that that is what Macron really meant. 

He went onto say that the unvaccinated were irresponsible and unworthy of being considered citizens;

“I wont send the unvaccinated to prison, I won’t vaccinate by force. So we need to tell them from Jan 15th, you won’t be able to go to the restaurant anymore, you won’t be able to have a coffee, go to the theatre, the cinema.”

His comments inevitably, and rightly, received heavy criticism. Christian Jacob, the chair of the Conservative “Les Republicans” told Parliament during a bill on requiring proof of vaccination to enter public spaces that, “A President cannot say such things”. Marie Le Pen also said that, “A President shouldn’t say that, he is unworthy of his office”.

What is noteworthy about the outrage is that political leaders and commentators have only criticised Macron about his language? Few have actually challenged him on the policy to exclude a section of society from society. It’s perfectly acceptable to deny people the right to go to a public space, a restaurant, get a coffee, be free its just not the done thing to call them shits. 

This hypocrisy, worthy of the character and torturer, O’Brien, head of the Ministry of Love, in Orwells 1984, is symptomatic of the disdain of European leaders to the principles of freedom and those who desire. 

For though Macron has said he won’t send unvaccinated people to prison. His counterpart in Austria, Chancellor Karl Nehammer will. He has introduced legislation that will fine unvaccinated people 2000 euros if caught outside in a public space. A fine that can be made multiple times on the same day. Non payment will lead the offender to go to prison. This sleight of hand is so that no-one is said to be sent to prison for being unvaccinated but petty non fine offenders. Again 1984 O’Brien would be proud. 

In Italy, the government has gone further than Ma cron and approved a decree making vaccinations compulsory for residents older than 50. Vaccine passports will also be necessary to enter shops, banks, hairdressers. Those without a Green pass will only be allowed to buy food or go to the pharmacy. A Super Green Pass, those who effectively have three jabs,  is now required to enter restaurants or on transport.  

When those of us said that EU structure breeds a class of intolerant dictatorial leaders we were jeered at. As Italy imposes mandatory vaccines on people, Austria prepares prison and huge fines for the unvaccinated and Holland sets its dogs on its own people the wraifs and ghouls of Hitlerism have returned to the corridors of European powers. 

This language is the same across all the left and liberals and shows not only their intolerance and disdain of opposition views but also an absolute dictatorial willingness to use abusive methods to control them.  

It was vividly clear in the language of Tone Blairs advisor when he said that Blair wanted to rub the noses of the Right in diversity and then proceeded to open the floodgates of immigration into Britain. It was there, again, in Tony Blair and other European leaders when they lied about weapons of mass destruction and denounced any opposition. Their lies contributed to the suicide of a scientist who had the truth and the deaths of thousands of innocent people and military personnel.

Upon arrival in the European Parliament I was told that the EU love a good crisis to implement more Europe meaning great control of nation states and peoples freedoms. I saw this visibly when the financial crisis destroyed the economic independence of Greece, Italy, Portugal and Ireland. I saw it in the migration crisis. The same is now being applied in the great Virus crisis. 

The desire to control and determine how people lives is at the core of a dictator whether that one is in a uniform or a suit or dress. It is also instructive about the mindset of the left and leaders of our nations. When liberty lovers say they don’t care about democracy or its principles their words and actions today exemplify it. For democracy at its core is the ability for tolerance over alternative views and a desire to debate not dictate. 

At the end of 1984 O’Brien said that he wasn’t content that Winston Smith had given up on freedom. He wanted him to so defeated he loved Big Brother. Todays leaders don’t just want us to turn on the unvaccinated or those who support them. They want us to love the injections, love Big Pharma and love them for removing and denying us the freedom we once knew as they never intend to return it. 

This article was first published on LIBERTATIO

Steven Woolfe

Steven Woolfe

Political Commentator, Writer, Presenter & Campaigner for Liberty, Democracy and Freedom. Championed Brexit & an Independent Britain, Former Member of the EU Parliament for North West England.

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